Abstract Floral Artist – Jaison Cianelli

Flowers are a great inspiration. Their colors are magnificent and their graceful forms show the divine intelligence and beauty of the universe. I enjoy re-creating their sense of wonder through abstract floral paintings.

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New Abstract – “Sublime” Canvas Print

Sublime Abstract Art Unframed Canvas
Title: Sublime
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In this abstract art piece I felt compelled to express beauty. I feel that when observing this abstract it slowly builds in energy because of the colors and forms. The hot pink and orange colors are uplifting and balanced with dark tones and green. The overall forms are of a floral nature while the lines gently intertwine and roll towards the center where they exit up or down. The movement is subtle and continuously happy and refreshing.


About Abstract Energy Art
My Abstract Energy Art series is inspired by the beauty and intelligent design of nature.  The colors and imagery are meant to convey an emotion. This type of art really takes me on a journey during the creative process. The medium is a type of digital mixed media using my own unique process of layering. Specifically the layers that make up the artwork are transformed from traditional paintings, photography, and digital art. It is through the combination of very different images that I am able to enjoy the process so much and create a composition with surprising results.

Textured Embellished Canvas Print – “A Heart So Big”

I received these lovely pictures from a client. This is an embellished textured canvas print of “A Heart So Big”. The size is 40″ x 60″ on gallery wrapped canvas. She did a beautiful job the way it all goes together. The rustic wooden table really compliments the earthiness of the piece. And of course the arrangement pulls those colors. What do you think?


Purchase Large Abstract Painting – “Transition” by Jaison Cianelli


Transition is a large contemporary mixed media painting inspired by the winds of change. Hints of bright magenta, blue, purple, green, and yellow colors mix and flow into a base of burnt sienna and reds. There is plenty of vertical movement with some rounded textural elements and horiztonal sweeps and twirls. I feel it is a well balanced piece that gives a feeling of intrique. Light and dark shadows transition smoothly yet rapidly, tending to draw the eye in and out quickly creating a 3D sense of movement. This large abstract painting is a multi layered piece – layers are transformed from traditional painted art, photography, and digital art. You can purchase prints for sale on a variety of surfaces including canvas, metal, acrylic, and paper. This piece looks great in a large format either framed or unframed.

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Fellow Artists – Thank You For The Emails

“A Heart So Big” by Jaison Cianelli

I am continually reminded by other artists that telll me my that my words and artworks are an affirmation to them.   It is quite humbling that my works speak to them to stay on their path toward creating. I just want to say thank you. Life for an artist is no easy path, yet it is so rewarding when you are succeeding. I have always felt the importance to create positive and energetic art forms that reflect an appreciation for the beauty around and within me. And this expression is especially important in difficult times in my life.  Everybody has difficult times.  If I am inspiring other artists, that is what I want them to know. Art can heal you, can make you grow, and in times of turmoil or when I see darkness in the world I reach for art within me that is positive.

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Purchase Abstract Painting – “Heaven And Earth”

Title: Heaven And Earth
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This is a new mixed media digital transformative painting for 2016.  The great thing about the way I create my art is that I don’t always know the outcome. It is a fun process really.  In the end this piece ended up a lot less abstract than I set out to create.  I felt strongly the connection of heaven and earth in this painting and did not want to take away from that.  There is a sense that perhaps sky and land are one.  The beginning and end are not distinguishable.  The strong texture is continued throughout the artwork. The darkness is balanced with light so as to give the feeling of hope. The light is illuminating outwards from the center and even the darkest shadows have a bit of color and light.

“Heaven And Earth” is for sale in fine art giclee printed format on canvas, metal, acrylic, or artist paper. Canvas art prints can be made as large as 108″ x 36″.  Gallery canvas prints are the most popular and you can purchase by visiting my print gallery.


Big Abstract Paintings For Sale – Purchase on Canvas

Title: One Verse
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One Verse is a triptych abstract painting on 3 canvases. Paint was splattered and flung across the canvas to create a very unique texture. During the creation process I was intrigued by a singular light source and to create the illusion that what you felt was real light coming out of the painting. Light in my paintings gives me the sense of my own connection to the divine source. There are beautiful colors, shadows, and interesting textures that are all intertwined with the light.

This big abstract painting is for sale as a print on gallery wrapped canvas, metal, or acrylic. You can purchase all 3 sections just like my original triptych painting. With each canvas section measuring 30″ x 40″, the total size on 3 canvases would 10 feet in width. Of course smaller prints can be made per your order, but to really experience this abstract piece a very large size is recommended.

One Verse – Big Abstract Painting – Detail Image 1
One Verse – Big Abstract Painting – Detail Image 2

Contemporary Abstract Art For Sale – “Becoming”

Title: Becoming
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Becoming is a modern abstract art piece created through a transformative process involving layers of traditional and digital mediums. Light and shadow is meant to captivate you but not in a way that is overly stimulating. This piece has been said to have a feeling of timelessness and elegance with vibrant jewel color tones. Please visit my print gallery for canvas art sizing and framing options. This abstract painiting is for sale as large as 108″ x 30″ on gallery canvas. A 3 panel triptych version is also available if you purchase each panel seperately. Purchasing on 3 canvases gives a modern look and allows the maximum size of 180″ x 48″ to be produced (15 feet wide).


Becoming - Triptych 3 Panel - Abstract Art Canvas Painting

“Passion” Abstract Painting For Sale – Large Triptych 3 Panel Abstract


This very popular abstract painting entitled “Passion” is now available as a triptych print.  You have the option to buy the 3 sections on gallery wrapped canvas, metal, or glossy acrylic panels. At the largest size each square panel would be 4 feet, so when hung the entire artwork would be 12 feet by 4 feet.  That’s fairly large.  By sectioning the artwork shipping is also greatly reduced especially at these sizes.

The 3 panels have to be purchased separately at equal sizes and added to the shopping cart.  Go here to buy: Section 1 Of 3 | Section 2 Of 2 | Section 3 Of 3


Modern Abstract Art – Interior Decor Options with Large Canvas Art

All artwork needs to be hung somewhere. Having awareness of the relationship that exists between the art and the living space is important especially with large abstract artworks. Making the right choices can give greater balance and richness to both. Here are a few large abstract canvas art options I picked out myself.  The art in these simulation pictures works in different ways with the decor.  I am not an interior designer but I hope you find my reasoning intriguing…

Abstract art by Jaison Cianelli.  To purchase Click Here

1. Blending

This canvas art is entitled “The Greater Good”.  The same colors from the living space are in the artwork.  Some slightly warmer colors are in the art that give a little extra warmth to the space.  The upward and curving movement from the objects in the room coordinate nicely with the vertical and sweeping forms in the painting.  It is simple, elegant, and works.



2. Color

This is canvas art entitled “Somebody’s Smiling”.  The colors grey, black, and white from the living space exist minimally within the artwork.  The main colors of the art come across as exciting and fresh because they are nowhere to be found in the setting.  The burst of color gives life.  In this case there may be a coordinating pillow on the couch that was blue, green, or red.



3. Cool Beauty

This is canvas art entitled “Living Waters”.  The colors grey, tan, black, and white from the living space exist slightly within the artwork.  The other colors from the art are cooling and relaxing colors.  The dancing shapes coordinate with the wiggling branches found in the vase.  Overall there is an elegant and peaceful feeling in this space.



4.  Richness

This canvas art is entitled “Reigning Light”.  Only the tan and black colors in the interior setting exist within the painting.  The gold, brown, and red hues in the art add richness to the space.  The vertical streaks in the art coordinate with the objects in the room.  The dark area of the painting is to the left, balanced by the dark vase to the right.


Abstract art by Jaison Cianelli.  To purchase Click Here

Large abstract canvas art paintings by Jaison Cianelli – Expressions of nature, energy, and light.